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This school was established for the orphans and vulnerable children in the community to provide free education and safe accommodation for the children. Next to teaching subjects like English or math this project also teaches in basics skills like avoiding diseases, family planning and many more.

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This project is based on a school that is teaching children in a small village in Cambodia in English and Cambodia with the help of volunteers. Also, it runs a food program every month that the children don't have to go to work anymore and provides the surrounding area with free drinking water!

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infinite charity support the education of poor children


Right now we are checking and visiting projects in Vietnam. Soon we will add at least one charity for children to donate to. We will make sure that every project that we support is really helping the children and that your donations will be at the right place!

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Why choose us?

100 Percent Arrives!

We are not a charity organization! We are a platform that connects people who want to donate with projects that need support. All projects are well chosen and your donation goes directly to the projects!

Education is important!

We see education as the key to development! That's why we focus on projects that support the education of poor children, stop child work and give food and water to children.

Support the next generation!

The Infinite Charity was made for children and supports not only their education. We provide children with food, water and one our main goals is to stop child work! Help children and support our next generation!

Fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Be Infinite

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Our goal is it to support the education of poor children around the world. There are many great charity projects that don't have enough resources. "Infinite" supports different education projects because we think that education is the key to development.

As a marketing platform for small NGOs we want to help them grow and raise attention. With the help of volunteers we can afford building this platform without high costs to provide a direct connection between people and NGO's without loosing money for salary or buildings.


Our projects give free education to children in English but also in computer or life skills like farming, avoiding diseases and many others. Also we provide poor children and their families with food and drinking water.

The main reason for this is that we want to stop child work to allow them to go to school. Everyone who works in this project is a volunteer and doesn't get paid. Thats why we can make sure that almost 100% of the donations arrives at the children. We don't want to waste money thats urgently needed.